Test Results Really Matter to Your Driving Instructor

Test Results Really Matter to Your Driving Instructor


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Driving Instructors Don’t Get Business if their Students Don’t do Well in the Test

Driving instructor will not say, “it’s not fair to judge me on the results of my students.”

Much of her work comes through word of mouth, and students don’t recommend an instructor who fails to get them through the test. Either students do well, or they don’t: either you earn a living, or you don’t.

This is because we all know this is the most important information about them.

Many teachers dispute their students’ results reflect them, and they nuance the hell out of them – this one’s parents had a divorce, this one was adopted, he never liked reading anyway, what could I do – she worked so hard, but wasn’t very bright – he comes from a really difficult background – the exams contain a random element, question 8 really threw them. Yes, we could keep going for every single kid in the class. And all of the nuance would be real.

But they also balance out over time, with each extra year’s results increasing your cohort size. And of course we don’t add in the other nuance which says we should have got brilliant results – he had a private tutor, she was reading from the age of three, he really needed my subject for his course.

Yes, we want them to be punctual, likeable, perhaps with a sense of humour.

But much more than this, they have to be brilliant at explaining, they have to teach with a pace which means you are always learning something new, and always practising what you have already been taught.

A driving instructor never assumes that, because they have taught you something, that you know it. Instead, they constantly rehearse you in everything they have taught you so that it becomes engrained.


Progress is pretty much everything to a driving instructor.

This is why the most important information about your teaching is not lesson observations and their gradings, the state of your books, your level of marking, the amount of time you spend doing that, or planning; nor is it the Christmas cards or gits at the end of the year, or the teachers on Twitter thanking you for sharing your fabulous resources.

It is the progress of your students. Use Progress 8, and before that FFTD data to look at your progress over the last 3 years or more. Then you will know if you have the track record of your driving instructor, or whether you need to up your game.