How to Overcome FSM

How to Overcome FSM


Who are the Trailblazers with FSM?

There are 19 schools in the country who are doing so well with FSM students that they are virtually in a different country of their own. These are schools where FSM students have a P8 score of over 0.8.

To give you some perspective, there were only two schools in the country where students entering at level 5 had a P8 of over 0.8.

Yet most of us assume that it is easier to make progress with bright students than with the disadvantaged. Something incredible is happening in these 19 schools.

If you have a large cohort of FSM students, you simply must visit some of these schools.

33 1.31 Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School Blackburn 0125 454021 ACC Muslim COMP GIRLS
93 1.16 Harris Academy Battersea London 0207 6220026 AC Does not apply COMP MIXED
13 1.09 St Andrew’s Catholic School Leatherhead 0137 2277881 VA Roman Catholic COMP MIXED
45 1.07 Ark King Solomon Academy London 0207 5636900 AC Does not apply COMP MIXED
56 1.06 The St Thomas the Apostle College London 0207 6390106 VA Roman Catholic COMP BOYS
61 1 Sheffield Park Academy Sheffield 0114 2392661 AC Christian COMP MIXED
9 0.99 Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet Barnet 0208 4414646 ACC None SEL BOYS
10 0.99 Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School Blackburn 0125 4918670 F Muslim COMP BOYS
8 0.98 Nonsuch High School for Girls Sutton 0208 3943400 ACC None SEL GIRLS
38 0.98 Wren Academy London 0208 4926000 AC Church of England COMP MIXED
6 0.94 St Bede’s Catholic High School Ormskirk 0169 5570335 VA Roman Catholic COMP MIXED
82 0.93 Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich London 0207 7322276 AC Does not apply COMP GIRLS
68 0.92 City of London Academy Islington London 0207 2268611 AC Does not apply COMP MIXED
90 0.91 The City Academy, Hackney London 0208 5255440 AC Does not apply COMP MIXED
8 0.88 Preston Muslim Girls High School Preston 0177 2651906 VA Muslim COMP GIRLS
32 0.85 Uffculme School Cullompton 0188 4840458 ACC None COMP MIXED
16 0.84 St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School London 0208 8506700 ACC Roman Catholic COMP MIXED
48 0.83 Sacred Heart Catholic School London 0207 2746844 ACC Roman Catholic COMP MIXED
168 0.81 Forest Gate Community School London 0208 5348666 CY Does not apply COMP MIXED


Some preliminary questions

10 of these schools have a religious status. What does this allow them to do in raising the expectations and progress of their disadvantaged students?

11 of these schools are in London. Apart from funding, what else does the London setting appear to offer these schools or students which allows them to perform so well?

Only two of these schools are selective, although that is possibly in line with the proportion of selective schools nationally. Does this mean that having a high proportion of students entering at level 5 is not essential?

7 of these schools is single sex. This is much higher than their proportion is the school population as a whole, about 12%. What is it about being a single sex school which appears to make it easier to get such dramatic progress?

7 of these schools have cohorts of over 50 FSM students. Should we focus on them, because what they are doing is less likely to be due to chance?


Your Next Steps?

Well, you know the name of the school and their phone numbers. Only connect.

If you teach at one of these schools, let’s crowd source some ideas about their success, so we can steal them for our own schools.